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open call for comic strips

The Funnies needs your strips!

The Funnies is Scarfff's ALL COMIC STRIPS section. Every comic strip featured is sent to us by readers and fans from our open call. Submissions are open to everyone and entry is free. For consideration all submissions must follow the theme of an upcoming issue and fit The Funnies format:
• 4 x 13 inches (horizontal) • 300 dpi or higher • Grayscale • Fonts need to be 20pt or larger, and rasterized (hand lettering is great, too!) • Multiple submissions are cool!

The theme for the next issue is 'Superheroes' - DEADLINE June 17, 2024
The theme for issue 20 is 'Genre' - DEADLINE will be sometime in December 2024

Please send all submissions as a .tiff, .pdf, or .psd to  as well as any questions you might have.

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Scarfff seeks to be an ambassador for comics as a medium by providing an entirely artist run, high quality, consistent publication, free of charge to readers and retailers, that features a diverse range of creators, styles, and perspectives.


Scarfff started when some frustrated cartoonists from Seattle and San Francisco got together and made a newspaper... A COMIX NEWSPAPER. Scarfff lets readers check out work from a range of diverse and inspired cartoonists, illustrators, and other visually creative types who might not otherwise have a venue to display their art. We're a quarterly publication where the content of each issue is created around a different theme. The cover price for Scarfff is FREE, so if you you find it in the wild IT'S ALL YOURS, BABY!